The STATIF Pro is a universal examination unit with mobile table, offering the same advantages as a floating tabletop unit with a column and vertical Bucky without additional devices.

Thanks to its small footprint, the Statif Pro DReam allows a wide range of procedures in a compact design. The Statif Pro DReam excels in advanced features and user friendly interface.

Workflow and productivity are key points of the equipment and enhance the quality of patient care. The FPD ensures outstanding images at lower dose to emphasis a relevant diagnosis. Compatible CR or Cassette size DR.

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The STATIF Pro consists of two different items:

  • A column with a swivel arm sliding vertically on it, carrying on one hand a tilting Bucky and on the other hand an X‑ray tube. Both are mobile, permitting an adjustable Source Image Distance (SID). This C-shaped arm allows cross table exposures.
  • A radiological table on wheels that makes for easier  patient positioning.


  • SID : 1000-1800 mm, motorised
  • Height adjustment : 1260 mm, motorised
  • Arm rotation: 150° (90° +/- 30°), motorised
  • Electromagnétic brake
  • Tube rotation: +/-180° with electromagnetic brakes every 90° and angle indicator
  • Patient safe ties system


  • Manual with light field indicator and rails for accessories


  • Cassettes size up to  35 x 43 cm
  • Tilting  +/- 45°
  • Moving Carbon grid ratio: 12 : 1, 43 l /cm; F = 150 cm
  • Bucky surface /film distance: 5 cm
  • Laminated structure according to  EN438
  • Filtration < 1 mm Al eq @ 100 kV

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