Sonesta 6210 Fluoroscopy Procedure Table

Fluoroscopy Procedure Table with a versatile examination table with C-arm capabilities.

The Sonesta 6210 offers the physician standing, seated and supine positioning capabilities. This versatile table easily adjusts from or to standing, seated, and supine positions via a hand held control thus creating a table that is easily accessible to patients of any age.

The side-mounted cantilevered design offers the physician anterior/posterior, lateral and oblique views without obstruction. For added convenience, the table is equipped with a battery backup for short-term use in case of power failure or in emergency situations. The superb C-arm access and wide range of positioning possibilities make the 6210 the ideal table for any fluoroscopy procedure.

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  • Three motors offer unparalleled positioning and access options via a hand held control.
  • Four double wheel rolling casters offer unencumbered maneuverability.
  • Versatile – eight positioning functions offer the physician standing, seated and supine positioning capabilities.


  • The side mounted cantilevered design offers the physician anterior / posterior, lateral and oblique views without obstruction.
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber seat and back for head-to-toe imaging.
  • Provide easier access to, and visualization of, the perineal area.


  • Allow the patient to remain in one place for preparation, filling, and voiding phases of the urodynamic test.
  • Eliminate the risk of catheters falling out or getting misplaced during transfer or ambulation.
  • Is rated IPX6 “protection against water incursion”.
Length without foot rest/leg extension156 cm63”
Length with foot rest/leg extension196 cm78”
Width (total)99 cm39”
Height with seat cushion (min.)50 cm20”
Height with seat cushion (max.)130 cm51”
Imaging area without foot rest/leg extension (length)156 cm63”
Imaging area with foot rest/leg extension (length)196 cm78”
Weight capacity250 kg551 lbs.
Weight capacity, standing position250 kg551 lbs.
1 Hand control524-6356
1 Plastic funnel with drainage524-6325-9
1 Arm rest holder524-6338-4
1 Arm rest524-6021-6
2 Leg rest holders525-6338
2 Leg rests525-6336
2 Fold up foot rests525-6331-10
1 Side rail524-6329

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