Solar LED Projector

The cool running, energy saving Solar LED projector creates brilliant effects in almost any environment.

The Solar LED Projector is quieter, runs cooler and the projected light appears brighter and whiter than both the Solar 100C and Solar 250 projector – with the same optical sharpness at a higher colour temperature. It is simple to set up and use that it can be easily operated by anyone with no prior knowledge or experience of effects projectors.

The Solar LED Projector is manufactured to rigorous electrical and high optical standards and is safe, durable and gives good quality on the projected image.

Supplied with an 85mm lens and an LED Module that punches out 662 Lumens with a fantastic bright, white colour temperature of 4000K and has an average life of over 100,000 hours! Cool, bright and runs very, very long! To produce the required effects various wheels are available which are sold separately.

Please contact us by phone 01902 637333 or email for an accurate quotation.

  • 100,000+ hour effective life of the LED module (over 300 times the life of an M33 lamp)
  • Almost silent in operation Cool running
  • Accepts all OPTI Solar Range Effects and Accessories.
  • High colour temperature 4000° K for whiter light than comparable tungsten halogen projectors
  • Significant energy savings – 18% of the power consumption of an OPTI Solar 250
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK by OPTI.