Protec Table-wall stand X-system

PRS 500 X
Discover the Protec PRS 500 X system

Your solution for a modern, adaptable X-ray system tailored to your practice. The PRS 500 X, our most versatile option, excels in pneumological practices. Paired with our mobile PROGNOST-XPE tables (cable or battery-powered), it fits even the tightest spaces. Crafted in Germany, this system blends sleek design with compactness, adaptability, and user-friendliness. Its modular components let you fine-tune the PRS 500 X to your analog and digital needs.

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  • Intuitive and ergonomic operation via the central control unit
  • Optional X-ray tube arm with telescopic function for enhanced flexibility
  • 360° rotatable X-ray column for versatile positioning
  • Compatibility with mobile X-ray tables, accommodating large patient beds with ease
System type:Floor mounted X-ray system with wall stand
X-ray table:Optional mobile table, height adjustable, high patientload
X-ray column:Comfortable application, 360° rotating (optional)
Wall stand:Highly radiolucent material, with exchangeable grid (optional)
System operation:Easy movement, Ergonomic touchscreen operation (optional)
X-ray tube:Diff. Models, up to 600 kHU
Collimator:Filter, LED and laser
Generator:50 bis 80 kW
Image detector:X-ray film, memory foil (CR) or flatpanel detector (DR)
Full-digital configuration:• PROTEC RAPIXX flatpanel detectors (WiFi or cable cassette; size 43x36cm or 43x43cm) • PROTEC CONAXX 2 image acquisition software • Full DICOM compatibility

Click here to download the Protec Table-wall stand X-system Brochure