OP 3D Pro

The one for all your needs with Low Dose Technology™ and five volume sizes.

High-precision 2D images with multilayer pan function and V-Shape-Beam Technology. These features combined with four individual image resolutions in 3D, five volume sizes, Automatic Dose Control and the innovative Low Dose Technology make the OP 3D Pro the ultimate choice for every X-ray indication — whether it is used as a standard 2D device or as a 3D device; with or without a cephalometric option.

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  • Very low radiation doses with Low Dose Technology™
  • Maximum flexibility with 5 volume sizes up to FOV 13×15 cm and 4 resolutions
  • Ability to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies with
  • Multilayer feature providing five panoramic images with only one scan
  • Automatically obtaining the most optimum panoramic image layer with ORTHOfocus™
  • Simple, intuitive operation thanks to the new touch panel user interface
  • Proven modular concept for maximum investment reliability

Click here to download the OP 3D Pro Dental Xray Machine Brochure