Multipad Ear

An ideal addition for MRI scans without headphones.

Thanks to its dimensions of 17 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Ear is perfect for immobilizing the patient’s head during MRI scans with a broad range of space constraints.

Due to the recess in the center, the pressure is distributed equally around the ears onto the patient’s skull during use with in-ear headphones or earplugs, thus allowing comfortable yet stable fixation.

Comfortable fixation for optimal results.

Since implementing the MULTIPAD Ear system to restrain subject’s head for neuroimaging studies in the 64ch head coil, a dramatic decrease in repeat scans and an overall improvement on the quality assurance metrics, such as tSNR, FD and DVARS was observed. Especially, as our research group studies many different clinical conditions including Parkinson’s, stroke and epilepsy utilizing diffusion, perfusion and BOLD based methods, projects demand that the subjects hold still during long exam times.

Todd Parrish, PhD
Director of Neuroimaging Research
Northwestern University

The MULTIPAD Ear is an addition to the MULTIPAD product family that saves space and is ideal for use with in-ear headphones or earplugs in narrow head coils.

The centered recess prevents unpleasant pressure on the ears and stops the ear protectors from falling out or slipping out of position.

MULTIPAD Ear - Wolverson X-Ray Limited