Multipad Bending

An ideal addition for even more flexibility.

Due to its dimensions of 24 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Bendy is perfectly suited for a wide variety of joint examinations, particularly those involving flex coils.

Thanks to its flexible shape, it can be fitted to the patient’s anatomy over a large area, thus guaranteeing comfortable yet stable fixation.

Comfortable fixation for optimal results.

Since most of our positioning aids are angular or wedge-shaped, fitting them to the patient’s body shape is difficult for a large number of scans.

The MULTIPAD Bendy bends flexibly, which enables us to “wrap it around” the patient’s extremities during knee and elbow examinations, for example. This makes our work easier and is much more comfortable for patients as it eliminates pressure points.

MRI Team Leader
Private radiology institute

The addition of the MULTIPAD Bendy to the MULTIPAD product family ensures even more flexibility

when immobilizing patients in head and extremity coils.

MULTIPAD Bending - Wolverson X-Ray Limited