IMIX Direct Wireless DR System

The IMIX Direct Wireless DR System is a cost effective complete radiography room system which includes a lightweight ceiling suspended x-ray tube support, a table, a wall stand and a generator.

The Digital version of the system includes a wireless cassette sized 35 x 43 or 43 x 43 detector and imaging system. Both versions of the IMIX Tables have low minimum height which makes it easy for the patient to sit down at the table top. The exceptionally long longitudinal stroke eliminates the need for patient repositioning.

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  • Ceiling Tube Suspension
  • Motorised vertical column
  • Up to 1700 mm vertical travel (depending on ceiling height)
  • Synchronized, motorised tracking with Wall stand and table.
  • Minimum ceiling height: 2,5 m
  • X-ray tube rotation, (Alpha) – 163° + 182°
  • X-ray tube rotation, (Beta) – 163° + 182°
  • Total Weight = 126 kg (including tube and collimator)
  • Patient lateral arm rest
  • Foot control (1 or 2)

Click here to download the IMIX Direct Wireless DR System Brochure