CMP 2 DR Generator

The CMP 2 DR Generator series offer Radiographic 200 kHz X- Ray generators with unrivalled reliability and performance.

There are 4 different models to choose from 40 / 50/ 65 and 80 kW. Anatomical programs available in many languages that are easily edited by the Operator membrane control console

Please contact us by phone 01902 637333 or email for an accurate quotation.

  • kV with AEC*
  • kV/mAs
  • kV/mA/Time
  • Patient/Body Part Thickness
  • (Membrane Control Console)
  • Low kV ripple – maximizes image quality by providing constant potential performance
  • Automatic Tube Calibration
  • GenWare® Service Software allows fast and easy set up as well as system diagnostics for off-site analysis
  • Collimator Power Supply
  • Basic Tomography Interface
  • Digital Radiography Interfaces
  • Touch Screen Control Console (with embedded GenWare®  Service Software)
  • Dual Speed Starter for higher power
  • Exposure Hand Switch
  • Mini Console (for Integrated Systems)
  • Console Wall Mount
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Interface
  • Dose Area Product (DAP) Interface
  • Auto Positioning Interface
  • Compliance with FDA, UL/CSA, MDD, CE, CQC, and SFDA Requirements

For further information please see attached Documentation.

Click here to download the CMP 2 DR Generator Brochure