Bucky Unit - Tele 43

Compact Vertical Reciprocating Bucky unit on slimline pencil column; floor or wall fixing Mechanical locks for ease of positioning. Left or right hand loading Grid to customer requirements. Chest cassette adaptor included Patient hand grips.

Wall fixed stand with vertical sliding bucky carriage. Manual moving, weight counterbalancing, mechanical locking by lateral grip. The bucky carriage can accept a standard bucky mechanism with 35×43 cm cassette tray and grid focalised at 150 cm – ratio 10:1 – 40L/cm.

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Bucky vertical travel126,5 cm
Bucky upper edge minimum distance from floor66 cm
Base dimensions (Tele 43B)59 x 78 cm
Standard paintingRAL 9002
Unit weight (Standard Bucky weight included)80 kg
TRA001Arm support
ZA0001Compression band
ZA000235x43 cm external cassette holder
ZA000340x90 cm external cassette holder
ZA000440x120 cm external cassette holder

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