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FP58 Padded Transfer Trolley Mattress


£595.00 EX VAT

The FP58 Padded Transfer Trolley Mattress is manufactured with a polypropylene base for extra rigidity and longevity.

A waterproof nylon covering over either a 4.5 thick base (198 cm X 61 cm). Webb loop handles to assist in safe and easy horizontal transfer.

Please note that the Padded Transfer Trolley Mattress is not designed for patient lifting – only for sliding between trolley and imaging table tops.

Please contact us by phone 01902 637333 or email sales@wolversonx-ray.co.uk for further information. Keep up to date by connecting with us on LinkedIn.

  • EASY transfer of patients from trolley to C.T.
  • Table or X-ray table
  • Reduces manpower required
  • Aids patient comfort
  • Soft cushioned mattress top with polypropylene base to give rigidity
  • Tough and durable nylon bottom surface for easy of sliding
  • Webb loop handles for easy handling
  • Wipe cleanable and waterproof surface
  • Very cost effective and means you are not restricted to only one item
  • 4.5 or 7.5 for long term comfort