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New Mobile Imaging Table for Glamorgan Hospital

Wolverson X-ray has recently delivered a brand new C-Arm Imaging Table to Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Wales.

This in to additional to another one supplied to Prince Charles Hospital at the same time. Both of these tables were modified at no extra cost for increased height to accommodate the customer’s request.

The Orbita tabletop has been designed to give maximum unobstructed imaging area. This 360º rotation radiation-free coverage around the longitudinal axis of the carbon fibre tabletop making it ideal for 3D imaging procedures and studies. The smooth 5 axis movements are achieved with electrical actuators and controlled via a hand pad or a footswitch. Together with its large low dose surface area and small footprint, it makes it an ideal choice for any Pain management clinic or any operating theatre.

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“Since using the Orbita tabletop, the Consultants within the pain service have found undertaking their radiological guided pain interventions far easier in relation to both positioning the patient, and the quality of the images they can obtain. This in turn has facilitated greater throughput in terms of patient numbers per session. We are very happy with our new Imaging Table.”

Helen Williams - Senior CNS Pain MGT

Mobile Imaging Table - Glamorgan Hospital in Wales - Wolverson X-Ray Limited
John Mercer HCSW Theatre Gurpal Matharu Wolverson X-ray Sales Manager, Mandy Beacham Pain Management Nurse, Helen Williams Senior CNS Pain MGT, Steve Dovey Wolverson X-ray Product Support Engineer.