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Mammography Chairs – Wycombe Hospital Breast Screening Department

Wolverson x-ray are proud to supply 2 types of mammography examination chairs to Wycombe hospital.

This type of examination can be an emotional experience for the patient, and these chairs help make the experience more comfortable and efficient. It is easier to get the images right if the patient is in a stable, ergonomically correct, seated position, and relaxed. The Real 8200 Plus EL Clinic Mammography Chair, the pink one on the left, is a compact chair that offers the patient a correct posture and at the same time facilitates a good work environment for the staff. This makes the examinations quicker and more cost effective. This model is equipped with motorised height adjustment and electric backrest and tilt functions.

The Akrus 5010 model on the right-hand side here, is mobile in all directions and has motorised height adjustment. Made up of several segments including a moveable head rest which allows various comfortable positions for the patient seated or lying down for screenings and Biopsy procedures. The chair allows horizontal positioning and the drop-down shoulder sections makes positioning much easier.

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Furthermore, in critical situations Trendelenburg is available is seconds. This model is also available in a bariatric version too if required. Both of these chairs can be used to transport patients and are tried and tested in many other hospitals.

Mammography Chairs delivered to Wycombe Hospital Breast Screening Department
Clair Stone Assistant Practitioner, Karen Lawes Radiographer Assistant, Melissa Price-Jones Radiographer Assistant, Jacky Robinson Mammographer, Olivier Harley Radiographer Assistant, Pam Pickering Lead Symptomatic Mammographer, Gurpal Matharu Sales Manager Wolverson X-ray.