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Broadgreen Hospital – Mammography Chair

Ali Guest – Superintendent Radiographer and her Team at Broadgreen Hospital have received a brand new motorised mammography chair that will help transform the way mammograms for patients that cannot stand are carried out.

The £4,500 needed to purchase the new chair was raised by R Charity who are thanked for helping to raise the funds and really making this happen.

This Wolverson supplied chair makes the examinations more efficient, a mammography exam can be an emotional experience for the patient. That is why it is important to use the right equipment that will make the exam as effective and as pleasant as possible. Some patients need to stay seated through the entire consultation.

It is also easier to get the images right if the patient is seated in a stable, ergonomically correct, seated position. For more time-consuming examinations, the patient should be seated comfortably and relaxed. REAL 8200 Plus EL CLINIC Mammography Chair is an examination chair that offers the patient a correct posture and at the same time facilitates a good work environment for the staff, it also makes the examinations quicker and more cost effective. The chair is tried and tested in real environments.

The chair purchased from Wolverson X-ray Ltd is the 8200 Model and was delivered to the Alexandra Wing of Broadgreen in September, replacing the old mammography positioning chair – which had no motorised movements and was becoming increasingly difficult to use.

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This specially designed positioning chair will allow the breast screening service to become more accessible for disabled women, it will increase the chances of obtaining a good quality image for those who cannot stand during their mammogram. We’re thrilled that we have been able to fundraise for this new mammography chair, especially as it will be in used for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October

Ali Guest | Superintendent Radiographer

Broadgreen Hospital – Mammography Chair - Wolverson X-Ray
Ali Guest (Superintendent Radiographer, Jane Terleckyj Customer Services Manager Wolverson X-ray, Sue Garland Assistant Practitioner, Lu Chaudrey Clerical Officer, Sheena Edwin Radiographer, Louise Abraham Radiographer