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Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Wolverson X-ray delivery Specialist Scoliosis X-ray Chair To Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Wolverson X-ray has recently delivered a specialist battery operated x-ray chair for Scoliosis procedures. This 8100 Model, manufactured in Sweden by Mercado Medic, is easily controlled using a remote hand pad.

The chair is raised and lowered to appropriate heights automatically, and is easily rotated for lateral examinations without having to manoeuvre the chair wheelbase. The very strong, but light weight carbon fibre radiolucent backrest ensures minimum doses, while the electric control also offers a tilt movement for best positioning and comfort.

After an evaluation of our demonstration model, this chair was especially designed to meet the hospitals requirements at no extra cost and some of the recommendations have now been incorporated into future models.

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“We have received very favourable feedback from patients and parents who have used this chair as the children feel safe and secure. The chair is easy to use and reduces manual handling risks significantly. I was especially impressed with the willingness of Wolverson to work with us in adapting the chair to our requirements.”

Elin Jones Superintendent Radiographer

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Sales Manger Gurpal Matharu Wolverson x-ray, Emma Norbury Senior Paediatric Radiographer, Ruth Field Senior Paediatric Radiographer, Jon Green Senior Paediatric Radiographer, and Elin Jones Superintendent Radiographer.