Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical Imaging Equipment 
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  • Direct Digital Radiography

  • Portable X-Ray Machine

  • Mammography Equipment

  • Fluoroscopy Machine

  • Dental X-Ray Machine

Wolverson X-Ray Ltd supplies an extensive range of medical imaging equipment to the NHS and private health care providers throughout the British Isles.

From direct digital radiography and mobile X-ray machines to medical imaging tables and mammography equipment, our entire medical imaging systems have been designed using the latest cutting-edge technology.

Created to the highest industry standards, Wolverson’s medical imaging systems provide health care officials with the most effective equipment available in order to effectively treat patients.

Why Choose Medical Imaging?

The importance of medical imaging cannot be understated. Some of the most respected doctors in the world have even stated that without the advances in technology over the past decade a number of conditions would have gone unnoticed until they reached a life-threatening stage.

At Wolverson X-Ray Ltd, we have been a leading independent supplier of innovative imaging equipment over the past 85 years and are specialists in this field.

Not only does the medical imaging equipment allow doctors and surgeons to see clearly inside the human body, medical imaging systems are also vital when it comes to clinical diagnosis and monitoring and treating diseases.

Medical imaging is at the cutting-edge of technology and plays a vital role in patient healthcare. It’s less invasive than traditional surgery, can assist in the early diagnosis of chronic conditions and lead to cost savings.

Essentially medical imaging leads to better treatment as it allows doctors to identify and treat chronic conditions more effectively, thus giving the patients a better quality of life.

With a personalised UK service centre and technical service engineer support system, we provide an array of maintenance contracts to satisfy all of your service requirements.

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